Aren’t Real Men Capable of Expressing their Thoughts?

My spouse, Gail Roddy, performed a one person performance a few weeks ago. It was called Calling All Women to the Well.  A dinner theatre performance based on empowering women to understand their innate wisdom.

The most remarkable observations were the astute concentration of the men in the audience.A loving Couple


“Bill, thanks for inviting my spouse and I attend Gail’s first performance.  This was one of the best performance we have ever seen.  I learned so much from her performance. I now know more supportive ways to support my spouse.  I had no idea of importance of these aspects of women’s lives.  I have been enlighten on many ways of how I can support my spouse. When is Gail going to be performing another play?”  ~ a husband attendee

Listening to loving husband sharing their thoughts after Gail’s performance was truly inspirational. They got the message!

A loving Couple 2

Wouldn’t we as men love to grow by developing a deeper understanding of ways to support our spouses?

A Spouse’s Love!

Gail's Card of Love1

Front Cover of Card

Gail Roddy performed a one woman dinner theatre performance called ‘Calling All Mothers to the Well.’   The planning of the her first performance entailed many hours of preparation.  As a loving and supportive husband I never thought about the time it would take to help with coordinating a successful performance. I just did what any loving husband would do.  I rolled up my sleeves and got to work!


Several days after the event I got this card in the mail from Gail Roddy.

Gail's Card of Love2

Inside Card

Can we as men see the merit in supporting our spouse’s passions?

Isn’t it inspiring to know that sometimes doing the best we can to support our spouses creates emotional bonds?

How do we deal with Grief when it strikes?

BillRoddy_ManhoodFTHood_FBArt_61913_41The devastation in the Philippine Islands caused me to consider GRIEF and LOSS.


I can recall the loss of loved ones and wondered, “why them?”  They are from different ethnicities, religions and cultures.


Haven’t we all experienced GRIEF?


(GRIEF: Deep mental anguish, as over loss: SORROW)


Many of us have shared stories of the loss of loved ones over the years. I know I have.  I remember loved ones I cherished who have passed.  One of the most devastating was when my biological father passed.  I didn’t know how to deal with the LOSS!  

Over time we all learn to acknowledge the loss, heal and move on!


What are the lessons to be learned from GRIEF?


Is GRIEF an important part of living?  Teaching us to value simplicity and the enjoyment in the present moment? 


What about our CHILDREN?  They seem to ‘move on’ much quicker than adults.


Sad and thoughtful this evening.



When Manhood Scares Your Socks Off!

Gail & Bill 1999

Gail & Bill 1999

What are some of your manhood moments when you felt fear, failure and disappointment as a man? 


1999.  Two years after my wife and I started Osiris Organization.

I had no idea how it was affecting me.  I felt overwhelmed.

Consumed with raising money, developing programs, mentoring youth and managing staff. I was unaware I was neglecting being a friend and husband to my spouse.

I remember that day when Gail said;  “Honey, you are working really hard but the stress is impacting you in ways that you are not aware.”

My manly reply, “Oh baby, I’m OK, we will get through this.” But I wasn’t OK!


I was in denial.  I didn’t want to acknowledge my fear, the struggle and disappointments most entrepreneurs experience during the start up years.


Several more weeks went like this and Gail put her foot down in the most loving way.

“I have an idea. My cousin is building a house in Barbados.  It’s in the rural area of the island and nowhere near a resort.

“I will arrange for you to go and get away for a week. You can relax and have a fresh look at things when you get back.  What do you say, my love?” At that moment I knew she was right!

At the airport. “Honey, give me your cell phone, you won’t need it where you are going.  I will take care of all of your calls while you are away.  Just spend the week just relaxing.”

As I turn to enter the terminal gates she held my arm and looked into my eyes.


“When you return, bring my husband back!  I want that patient, understanding and loving man that I married.”


All of the fear, guilty left me.  I had to acknowledge that I was not being a good friend and husband to the person that I adored with all my heart.

This was one of several pivotal points in our marriage that produced bonding, awareness and a commitment to our relationship.


Wouldn’t we as men benefit more if we acknowledged our fears?