Aren’t Real Men Capable of Expressing their Thoughts?

My spouse, Gail Roddy, performed a one person performance a few weeks ago. It was called Calling All Women to the Well.  A dinner theatre performance based on empowering women to understand their innate wisdom.

The most remarkable observations were the astute concentration of the men in the audience.A loving Couple


“Bill, thanks for inviting my spouse and I attend Gail’s first performance.  This was one of the best performance we have ever seen.  I learned so much from her performance. I now know more supportive ways to support my spouse.  I had no idea of importance of these aspects of women’s lives.  I have been enlighten on many ways of how I can support my spouse. When is Gail going to be performing another play?”  ~ a husband attendee

Listening to loving husband sharing their thoughts after Gail’s performance was truly inspirational. They got the message!

A loving Couple 2

Wouldn’t we as men love to grow by developing a deeper understanding of ways to support our spouses?

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