Relationships R Us

A dear friend quizzed me a few days ago

“Gail, I have just one thing I would sure like to know”

“When it comes to marriage, particularly your own

Is it a slam-dunk…would you claim it a success?

Or are there times you wish a return to a life of singleness?”

I furrowed my brow as I pondered while mute

Marriage, parenting, family and friends

These relationships flow through all our lives beginning to end

How do I answer her question and tell her the truth?

“Ah, my friend,” I finally responded

“Over the years, various connections with people have entered my life

Some connections are fluid, supportive; others are filled with strife”

“But one thing I know from the light in my heart

I do savor my marriage to Bill Roddy, until death do us part

And if I am the one rendered single that day

I can sit here before you and honestly say

No greater joy, no greater success hath this woman known

Than marriage, where sharing, comfort, and compassion have consistently grown”