Bill Roddy as Speaker

Bill Roddy is passionate about the value of engaging life choices.  Whether as an athlete on the court, a leader in the community, or in our daily relationships, Bill knows the power of personal choice. His laugh and learn keynote speeches and leadership speeches in celebration ceremonies has him in high demand as a popular speaker and annual visitor at many organizations meetings.  Are you ready for an exciting hour with a focused visionary who strategically shares the path to solid success? Bill Roddy, author of Manhood from the Hood, will simply leave you wanting more of his pragmatic programs for success in life!

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“In one hour, Bill captivated our team and left them with a greater desire to make a difference in our world through healthy relationships and hard work. Our team was 30-2, ranked #1 in the country for much of the year, and advanced to the Division III Final Four this season. Bill’s message was thought provoking and motivating to our team during the middle of our season, and I believe it brought our team closer together because of Bill’s powerful message about teams and relationships.”

~John Tauer, Ph.D. Head Men’s Basketball Coach & Professor of Psychology University of St. Thomas

“The Author’s words, written and spoken, left a deep impression on the young men. One 7th grader reflected upon the experience stating, ‘The way he spoke went straight into your mind.’ This is a fitting description of the impact the book and visit had on our group.”

~ Justin Margolies, Middle School Program Coordinator Fred Wells Tennis & Education Center

“Bill Roddy taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak to our team is another example of the amazing connection the St. Thomas basketball team has between its alumni and current players. Bill’s talk was very eye opening as he talked about his life experiences and his book Manhood from the Hood.”

~ Tommy Hannon, University of St. Thomas Captain and All-American Center

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