How do we deal with Grief when it strikes?

BillRoddy_ManhoodFTHood_FBArt_61913_41The devastation in the Philippine Islands caused me to consider GRIEF and LOSS.


I can recall the loss of loved ones and wondered, “why them?”  They are from different ethnicities, religions and cultures.


Haven’t we all experienced GRIEF?


(GRIEF: Deep mental anguish, as over loss: SORROW)


Many of us have shared stories of the loss of loved ones over the years. I know I have.  I remember loved ones I cherished who have passed.  One of the most devastating was when my biological father passed.  I didn’t know how to deal with the LOSS!  

Over time we all learn to acknowledge the loss, heal and move on!


What are the lessons to be learned from GRIEF?


Is GRIEF an important part of living?  Teaching us to value simplicity and the enjoyment in the present moment? 


What about our CHILDREN?  They seem to ‘move on’ much quicker than adults.


Sad and thoughtful this evening.



A powerful manhood moment!

BillRoddy_ManhoodFTHood_FBArt_61913_44One of the most powerful statements made to me was from my biological dad. I had never met him only heard statements made from other family members over the years as a young man.

As I entered my later teens my desire to meet, hopefully establish a relationship, the other person who was responsibility for me being in the world became an obsessive curiosity.

I had to meet him to satisfy my curiosity.

One of my most powerful moments was meeting and hearing my biological father say these words to me:


“I am glad to hear from you.”

If you are mentoring youth do you share some of your most powerful emotional experiences with your mentee?  If not, why?


I know as an adult male, hearing those words from my biological father set in motion a healing, forgiveness and an acceptance process for me.


Meeting him helped me move on in life!


What memorable moments in your early childhood do your remember?