The Importance of Personal Values

In my opinion the world would be a better place if people had better “values.” According to the Ethics Resource Center (2009), the short definition for values is core beliefs that guide and motivate attitudes and actions.

Values are usually established early in life but over time an individuals values may change. Values help provide you with a strong foundation and give you guidance throughout your life. Values help you gain clarity about what you stand for. We express values in our relations with other people when we are honest, loyal, trusting, trustworthy, reliable, and feel a sense of responsibility for our family and friends.

A few personal values that I carry are: family, self-reliance, discipline, integrity, person growth, friendship, and much more. My values help me stay motivated and they give me guidance. Values are usually established in the home but it is up to the individual to keep those values. My son more than likely do not know this right now but I instill my values into him on a day to day basis. I am sure he will thank me later. By being a business owner I have also realized that my personal values are in alignment with my business values which is very important.

It should not be difficult to make decisions in life if you know what you value!

Cortez Wilson

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