Excerpts from Manhood from the Hood

More from Coach Denny Welter and why he was so inspired by Bill’s stories of grandfather Roddy.

Denny’s father, Ray Welter, believed in the work ethic. Denny grew up on a 160 acre farm and his dad was always telling him and his 2 brothers to get out in the fields and work.  And Dad didn’t mean the baseball field–he meant the corn field.

So the Welter kids developed a hard work ethic from their dad that carried them through the sports they played as well as through the positive life they chose!

26.) Take pride in what you have and don’t worry about keeping up with the Jones’.

27.) Great fathering is a family tradition.

28.) The value of Little League baseball was my life-long friendship with Ernest Leaks.

29.) Respect your elders both within your family and outside of it.

30.) Help each other with class work without being asked.

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