Isn’t it good to know that women inspire human development part II ?

Ashley, Bill & JalisaAs an adult male mentor for Osiris Organization we’ve mentored hundreds of young boys.  I immensely enjoy doing whatever I can to assist boys to positive manhood.

There is something unique about mentoring young women. I can see the greatness in them.

They are appreciative of the small things you do for them.  Awarding them their scholarships and hearing them speak of their appreciation was inspiring.


“Mr. Roddy, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your scholarship support.  We enjoyed being a part of your program and will always cherish our experience being a part of it.”

~ Youth Scholarship Recipients

These two young women are successful right now, today. And I believe they will go on to accomplish much in life.

Wouldn’t you agree? Do we realize the importance of inspiring young women to go after their dreams?


College sports and defining moments

Coach Tauer & Bill Roddy

Coach John Tauer & Bill Roddy

What was a defining moment in your life as a young man?

For me, it was my freshman year in college.  I felt frustrated adapting to a new environment, the demands of playing  varsity basketball and the academic demands of a division III private university. It was during those difficult times as a freshman when alumni reached out to help with my transition.  John “Lew” Morin, a basketball alumni, spent countless hours riding to and from games talking to me about life–older, more experienced man lifting up a young man intent on making his way through college and life!

Bill, I know it frustrating adapting to a new environment.  You have a wonderful opportunity to get a great education, develop life-long relationships with other students from all corners of the world and to represent the university.”  ~ John “Lew” Morin

Coach Fritz, Bill

Coach Steve Fritz, Bill Roddy & John “Lew” Morin

This week I received the 2014 Basketball Alumni of The Year from the University of St. Thomas.  This award invoked memories that I cherish. Coaches and other basketball alumni mentored me. Now I find myself being honored. However, I feel most honored in my current role as a mentor for several current University of St. Thomas basketball team members!

Thanks Coach Fritz, Coach John Tauer and Marcus Alipate for being in my life!

Marcus A. & Bill Roddy

Wouldn’t you agree that one of most important things we take from college are the life-long relationship we develop?


Couldn’t relevant stories be used to inspire youth to enjoy reading?

Romeo Academy Youth

ROMEO Preparatory Academy for Boys, Paris Texas

125sqMFTHbookWhile writing my memoir, Manhood From the Hood, I experienced emotions most memoir writers experience.  How will my story benefit others? Will others relate? There were a multitude of internal directed questions I had to face as a new writer.

One inspirational comment came from a youth I’m mentoring:

“Mr. Roddy, I enjoyed reading your book.  I learn so much more about you and how you were raised.  I was able to relate to all of your stories. I liked your honesty when you shared meeting your biological father for the first time. So many of us young men still struggle with this aspect of our lives. Why don’t you try to see if schools would consider using your book?”


Manhood From the Hood has received praise from ROMEO Preparatory Academy for Boys in Paris, Texas under the leadership of David DeWayne Barker, to inspire youth to the value of literacy, reading relevant stories that reflect their lives.


Couldn’t hundreds or thousands  more youth be inspired to value literacy while reading relevant life stories?



What attributes of Mr. Mandela do you admire?


BillRoddy_ManhoodFTHood_FBArt_61913_16As we mourn the passing of Nelson Mandela I reflect on the life lessons he embodied.

I admire his forgiveness and perseverance!

Couldn’t we all learn and grow from these attributes that he personified?

 How many of us could keep a loving heart after being incarcerated for 27 years?


 As an adult man, husband, mentor and business owner, I try to follow these attributes.  Sometimes life throws obstacles in our lives to present us with the opportunity to grow.  There were times when I didn’t want to deal with these “opportunities.”


Could you imagine being in Nelson Mandela’s position when he was a young man?


Had a chat this evening with a young man I mentor: “Mr. Roddy, How could Mr. Mandela be incarcerated for 27 years and not remain angry toward the people who incarcerated him? I’m only 25 and it’s hard for me to understand.”


“It is hard to understand, I admire his forgiveness and perseverance.” I responded.


 Rest in peace Mr. Mandela, you have inspired us all!