College sports and defining moments

Coach Tauer & Bill Roddy

Coach John Tauer & Bill Roddy

What was a defining moment in your life as a young man?

For me, it was my freshman year in college.  I felt frustrated adapting to a new environment, the demands of playing  varsity basketball and the academic demands of a division III private university. It was during those difficult times as a freshman when alumni reached out to help with my transition.  John “Lew” Morin, a basketball alumni, spent countless hours riding to and from games talking to me about life–older, more experienced man lifting up a young man intent on making his way through college and life!

Bill, I know it frustrating adapting to a new environment.  You have a wonderful opportunity to get a great education, develop life-long relationships with other students from all corners of the world and to represent the university.”  ~ John “Lew” Morin

Coach Fritz, Bill

Coach Steve Fritz, Bill Roddy & John “Lew” Morin

This week I received the 2014 Basketball Alumni of The Year from the University of St. Thomas.  This award invoked memories that I cherish. Coaches and other basketball alumni mentored me. Now I find myself being honored. However, I feel most honored in my current role as a mentor for several current University of St. Thomas basketball team members!

Thanks Coach Fritz, Coach John Tauer and Marcus Alipate for being in my life!

Marcus A. & Bill Roddy

Wouldn’t you agree that one of most important things we take from college are the life-long relationship we develop?