My Son and T-Ball

It is t-ball season and my 6-year-old son is playing. We have played catch in the yard  and hit a few balls at the park but I had no idea how things would go. The first two practices went well but I was a little nervous about the first game which came after the second practice. When it comes to sports I can be a little competitive being that I played sports coming up. I had to calm myself down a few times while Cordell was out in the field playing around and not paying attention. It is okay to want your kids to succeed in sports but you have to realize that they are also out there to have fun and socialize with their friends, especially at age 6.

The first game went surprisingly well, Cordell hit two line drives into the grass, and seemed to have had a lot of fun. The second game I spotted him in center-field, squatting down, and playing in the sand. I looked around a little more a noticed that three or four more kids were doing the same. I just shook my head and reminded myself that he is here to have fun.

It is important to not put pressure on your kids when it comes to sports because that may cause them not to like the sport. Just remind yourself like I do, they are there to have fun and to socialize with their friends. The coaches are there for a reason, to coach, so if your kid isn’t doing something right, it is their job to correct them. I am looking forward to the next game!


Cortez Wilson

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