Excerpts from Manhood from the Hood

One of Manhood From The Hood’s most enthusiastic fans is Coach Denny Welter!

Coach Denny has spent a career teaching young people how to use the same life values Bill Roddy’s grandfather shared with Bill when he was young.

We are excited that Coach Denny wanted to share his commentary with our readers. So check in every Monday to see more of Coach Denny’s Favorite Quotes from Manhood From The Hood!

Coach Denny would love to see some of YOUR favorite quotes as well, so send them in! Thanks Coach!

1.) Humility, integrity, industriousness, loyalty, and patience

2.) Self-Reliance

3.) Benefits of hard work and family values, sharing and self-reliance

4.) Baseball was a team sport.  My grandfather didn’t want me to focus too much on myself

5.) We never want the government taking care of our family.  He believed in the value of self-reliance.
  • Health movie & lesson in self-reliance – Ron Hood’s Journey to Self-reliance – 70 miles across the Sierra Nevada Mountains without a compass, map, or food.

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