Excerpts from Manhood from the Hood

One of Manhood From The Hood’s most enthusiastic fans in Coach Denny Welter!

As we told you last week, Coach Welter has spent a career teaching young people how to use the same life values Bill Roddy’s grandfather shared with Bill when Bill was young.

Coach Welter agrees that sometimes the thoughtful gestures of kindness and support from adults can help a young person thrive:

“My high school basketball coach, Merlyn Kinkel, would give me and the other kids who lived out in the country a ride home from practice. There wasn’t a late bus to take us home in those days. That thoughtful act allowed us to play basketball when we might not otherwise have been able.”

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Thanks Coach!

11.Being at the ballpark created a bond with his grandfather at many levels.

12.Learn to read well.  It is the key to a good education.

13. Never trust anyone outside of our family

14. Take pride in working the fields, producing the crops and reaping the harvest.

15. Take pride in the work you do.

Coach Welter and all of us at Manhood From The Hood would love to see some of YOUR favorite quotes so send them in!

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