Excerpts from Manhood from the Hood

One of Manhood From The Hood’s most enthusiastic fans in Coach Denny Welter!

As we told you last week, Coach Welter has spent a career teaching young people how to use the same life values Bill Roddy’s grandfather shared with Bill when Bill was young.

Coach Welter wanted to share his commentary with our readers. So check in every Monday to see Coach Welter’s Favorite Quotes from Manhood From The Hood!

Thanks Coach!

6. As a parent, he valued the responsibility of taking care of his family.  His definition of manhood.

7. Be responsible and independent

8. It’s okay to use public assistance during a period of transition in one’s life.

9. Never judge those who live in public housing.

10. Public assistance if made a habit of, could destroy a family’s work ethic.

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