Time Well Spent

Over the weekend I took my son Cordell to Wild Mountain in Taylor Falls, Minnesota. He told me numerous of times about how much fun he was having, you could also see the excitement on his face. We started off by riding the go carts, he couldn’t drive one on his own because he did not meet the height requirement, so he rode with me. The laughing and the smiles of joy did not stop once while we were circling the track. The water slides were followed by the go cart riding, he went down each water slide on his own. We each had our own tube to go down the slides,  he really enjoyed that. He was genuinely happy and he had the time of his life.

Cordell is in the YMCA’s summer program so he goes on field trips all of the time. He has been to: Twins games, movies, different waterparks, museums, and many more places. He has enjoyed all of the field trips that he has been on but I have a feeling that our trip over the weekend was his favorite one of the summer, mainly because he was spending time with his Dad.

I had a great time as well and I concluded that no matter where you send your kid(s) for the summer to have fun, they will have the best time with their parents, at least in their younger years.

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