It Makes Me Smile

There are many things that make me smile but nothing makes me smile more than seeing the results of my parenting. This morning when I was dropping my son off to his summer program I noticed a few kids that were his age smiling from ear to ear. I noticed that they were looking directly at Cordell and he was smiling from ear to ear as well. As soon as he walked in the door, they all hugged each other as if they haven’t seen each other in years, but they had seen each other just the day before.

I always wondered how Cordell interacted with his friends and about what type of friends he would gravitate towards. It is one thing to hear about how he interacts with his friends from his teacher but to see it first hand makes me feel very good. I am affectionate towards Cordell and I always let him know that it is okay for him to be affectionate towards his family and friends.

Seeing what I teach Cordell in our household play out right in front of my eyes makes me smile, and seems to turn rough days into great days.

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