Osiris Organization

Osiris_BottomOsiris Organization is the actualized dream of Bill and Gail Roddy to create a non-profit foundation to support the life skills and success of at-risk youth. Founded in 1977, Osiris Organization continues to grow and empower the lives of hundreds of youth in the Twin Cities area.

Over the course of several months in 1996 Bill and Gail discussed Bill’s desire to invest his career experience to facilitate full-time serving the teens at the Hennepin County Home School. The couple did wonder how they would support their own lives while supporting the needs of others. Through the inspiration of the calling, the couple transitioned from their previous employment to pursue their passion of working with kids.

In 1997, Osiris was formally established as a non-profit organization.  As a “brand new” non-profit, the Roddys were overwhelmed at competing with other connected and established non-profits.  However, they understood the increasing need for organizations that work with the youth on probation.  The initial funding challenges were overcome by approaching individuals with whom the Roddys had developed personal/business relationships.  One such personal connection resulted in a $20,000 startup donation.

In 1999, Hennepin County Corrections collaborated with Osiris to provide a computer training center.  Osiris programming was included as a course curriculum for the youth residing in the HCHS.   The mutual respect and connection gained through prior volunteering allowed the administration, staff, teachers, and youth to see value in the computer course.  Since 1999 the collaboration continues.

From the success of the computer course at the HCHS, Osiris expanded into the Minneapolis communities offering an after-care program.  The residents at the HCHS suggested Osiris contact the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Public Parks to construct computer centers.  Osiris approached Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis and the director agreed to establish a collaborative relationship.  Other opportunities would soon follow, allowing Osiris to build computer centers throughout the Minneapolis park system.

At present, Osiris is funded by individual partners, local businesses and contracts from Hennepin County Corrections and the MPRB.  The Osiris’ objective is to increase residual funding and produce a revenue generating service using our technical expertise to create intellectual property.