Literacy Programs

Bill is committed to engaging literacy for all youth, young adults, and their parents.  Success in today’s world begins with the ability to access learning and engaging in education. Bill’s book, Manhood from the Hood highlights how the respect of education and the equipping tools of belief, literacy, and mentoring create the support for our youth to succeed through learning.  Manhood from the Hood studies have been used as part of curriculums in public, private, and afterschool programs.

Bill is committed to visiting with learners in person, via of social channels such as Google Hangouts, Skype and through pre-recorded dialogues for learners seeking to further explore their own journey into success.  Is your environment offering real life examples of how to enact changes in choices? Do you provide mentoring opportunities while your students are engaged in learning?

Bill Roddy Literacy Programs work with curriculum coordinators, program leaders, and instructors to tailor packages that meet their structural and financial needs with proven outcomes.  Bill works with corporate and regional leaders to partner with your school or program to further engage the community in creating a culture of success for your school’s families! Call today for current information and offerings in your area with options to come in under your budget!

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Project Diva Girls utilizes our Manhood from the Hood book and Workbook as part of their Literacy After school Program. An multi week program based on after school hours, middle and high school girls engage with mentors to support dignity, integrity, virtue, and availability to higher opportunities in their lives.